The Foxy Ladies Book Club Guidelines

A few years ago I started a book club, Foxy Ladies, with several friends. I set it up with some loose guidelines.

  1. We read fiction
  2. We select books two months in advance. For example, when we met in January, the person responsible to bring book selections during that meeting was bringing the selections for March (2 months in advance). This person would also be the hostess in March.
  3. In the beginning the books were selected by secret ballot. We’ve since done away with this system and openly discuss it instead.
  4. We also started out where we would rate the books. We no longer officially rate the books. Instead there’s a general consensus of whether the book is liked or not liked.
  5. We skip the month of December due to the craziness around the holiday season.
  6. I use to track our meetings. There are tools to enter the hostess, location, time, chosen book and notes. It also has a feature to send emails to the group.

Book clubs come in all shapes, sizes and forms. A lot of commitment can be required. Or not much commitment at all. Foxy Ladies has had a lot of member turnover. There are only two original members. And one of those is me. We now have five regular committed members and two that are not so committed.

We started out holding meetings at our homes. This past summer, we decided to pick somewhere new for each meeting in order to experience a place most of us have never been. 

This month we are reading The Girls of Atomic City:… by Denise Kiernan. This book is about the untold story of the women that were unknowingly working on the secret project being developed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that would end World War II. Although we usually only read fiction in Foxy Ladies, this book won the vote. I love reading about history and learning something new and have found this book to be very fascinating.

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