Saved $85 on Our Verizon Bill

texting-1490691_960_720Because Desert Husband works for the phone company, our landline, internet, and cell phone service are all bundled into one very large bill. All four members of the Desert Family each have a SmartPhone. Costs have been slowly increasing over the years because of the data usage. A lot of it has to do with heavy data streaming by Desert Son and Desert Husband..

Our overall bill is around $365 per month. The majority of that is for the cell phones. Since Desert Husband works for the phone company, we get a small discount on our internet and landline charges. Unfortunately our internet speed is not all that great in the desert. Doing something about that is a topic for another day.

We’ve been with Verizon for years because we love them. I’ve had it on my List to get a reduction in our bill for a few weeks now. Today, I finally made that call.

I found out we could get the same 12GB of shared family data, unlimited talk and text for $30 less than what we have been paying. We were also spending around $40 per line. In addition, any devices that were no longer on a 2 year contract could have their monthly access fee dropped to $20. My phone and Desert Daughter’s phone qualified. However, if we replace those phones in the future, the access fee would return to $40 per month.

In addition, I have a jet pack I had purchased awhile back for my bookkeeping service. It is still under the 2 year contract. Verizon cut the monthly access charge for it in half as well.

For several years, we’ve had usage controls in place on Desert Son’s phone which cost us $4.99 per month. Considering he is now 19 and out of high school, I had those removed.

All it took was a phone call to get this reduction. I’m sure there are better ways to save money on cell phones. But the Desert Family is happy with this savings.

© 2016 by Marge Fox