12 Things I’ve Learned Delivering Newspapers

newspaper-1648554_960_720Newspaper Update–

I am still delivering newspapers as a side job. I ended up with $140 more than I had estimated for my first month! Yay me! I have my route down to around 3 ½ – 4 hours per day. I was recently given 5 stores to deliver to as well. The store deliveries only added 15 minutes to my time. I can toss the papers to three of the businesses. Since the other two are open, I am required to get out of the car and pull the returns from the day before.

12 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Stop at the gas station / convenience store at least once prior to heading out of town for the rural deliveries.
  1. Be thankful for all the new construction in the subdivisions which usually mean there are port-a-johns available in case another potty break is needed.
  1. Dress warm for all those times when driving with the window down in between houses.
  1. The newspapers are rarely on time at the dock so get a little extra sleep.
  1. Pack snacks and drinks to prevent all the profits from being spent at the 24 hour convenience store. This is also a healthier option than eating convenience food on a daily basis.
  1. Make sure the fuel tank is full prior to starting that first delivery.
  1. Watch out for cats! The town I deliver in has an abundance of cats out and about in the wee hours of the morning.
  1. Watch out for wildlife. I saw my first real live skunk the other morning. It took me a little bit before I figured out what I was looking at since all I saw was the white stripe. When I pulled out next to it, I am pretty sure it was turning to spray the car. Thankfully, it was not one of the times I was driving with the window down.
  1. When the drive list says ‘Beware of Dogs’, beware of dogs. The house in question has a huge rottweiler that normally hangs out by the front door. I think he’s tied or something. One morning, he was not tied. He was behind the hedge where the newspaper box is posted. He scared the crap out of me as he came out of his hiding spot and started chasing the car. I’m so glad I am good at multi-tasking. I was rolling the window up as fast as I could while flooring it out of the customer’s driveway.
  1. Watch out for people. Once in awhile, depending how late I get started, there will be people out walking or running. They are hard to see in the dark and a lot of times I am startled when I realize they are there.
  1. Get as much sleep as you need. I try to get to bed no later than 8:30pm since I get up at 1:30am. I’m usually able to take a nap when I’m done since my day job agreed to let me change my start time to 11am. I also find I need to keep a supply of those little bottles of liquid energy on hand. I usually don’t get sleepy until I’m headed home after the last newspaper drop.
  1. I’ve recently signed up for an Audible Gold [Digital… account so I can listen to books while I’m delivering. I belong to a book club and rarely have time to read now that I’m working two jobs. I find Audible as an acceptable alternative.

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