Class of 2016

Class of 2016
Class of 2016


Desert Son graduated last month. I am amazed at how much he seemed to have grown up in his senior year. He was never an immature young man. But it’s almost like he became a man right before my eyes. He’s gotten his last two jobs completely on his own. I am so proud of him.

Last September, the day before his 18th birthday, he turned in his Eagle Scout project paperwork. Getting the Eagle Scout project completed was one and a half years in the making. Not because he chose a difficult or time consuming project. It took that long because the boy takes after his mama in the procrastination department. Though I have to say, I would not have procrastinated on something like an Eagle Scout project.

We had Desert Son’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor in February. My cousin flew in from out of state. It was very important to me to have him here for this celebration. I still remember going to my cousin’s Court of Honor when I was in 8th grade and making the decision right then and there that when I had a son, he was going to be an Eagle Scout too.

Desert Son also got his driver’s license this past spring. He took driver’s education 2 years ago. He was never one of those kids that was chomping at the bit to go out and drive. He always seemed content to stay home and play video games in his room. Don’t get me wrong, he attended social engagements. He was just chauffeured by either me or Desert Husband.

He will be attending a local community college in the fall and taking the welding program. I was sold the bill of goods in the 80’s that in order to succeed you must attend a university and get a degree and join the rat race. Even though I am trying to break out of the rat race, I still had a hard time accepting his career choice. Logically, I know he will make great money learning a trade. Personally, I cannot wait for some awesome welded decorations when he matches this new skill with his artistic ability.

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