Animal Acquisition


Our new farm animals
Our new farm animals

Yesterday was the big day. Desert Daughter and I got up at 5am in order to be at Desert Friend’s by 7:30am. Desert Friend and Old Cowboy were going with me to pick up a goat and a sheep. I got a pretty decent deal on a 3 month old Nubian wether and a yearling Black Belly Barbadoes wether. When we arrived at the pick-up destination, the goat and the sheep were in a pen by themselves. Thankfully Old Cowboy was with us as I don’t think Desert Friend, Desert Daughter and myself would have been able to get them in the pick-up.

We put a leash on the Black Belly first. Let’s just say that I didn’t know sheep could jump that high. He was jumping around trying to get away. It was kind of comical. Though I did wonder what I had gotten myself into. Old Cowboy took him to the truck while Desert Daughter and I put a leash on the Nubian. Talk about a lot of screaming from the goat. He made it sound like we were killing him. He tried to run and just about choked himself out. We finally got him put in the pick-up with Old Cowboy’s help.

Upon arriving to our house, Black Belly went to the backyard quite peacefully. However, Nubian was having none of that and plopped himself on the ground. Desert Friend ended up dragging him to the backyard. As soon as the leashes were off, they took off as far away from us as they could get.

The backyard is going to be their temporary home until I can get panels. However, they have not been handled much and will not let me get close to them. This makes it a little more difficult for the whole Desert Family to be away from the house at the same time since the backyard was our Desert Dog’s domain. We now let him out front to do his business for the time being.

We tried introducing Desert Dog to his new backyard roomies. He whined and barked and carried on. Thankfully we had him on a leash. The animals didn’t seem to be as afraid of him as they were of us. Black Belly came toward Desert Dog and ended up head butting him. Although Desert Dog is part border collie, I can already tell that Black Belly will be the king of the backyard!

As a side note, Desert Daughter and I went to the local hatchery later that day and came home with 14 chicks. They were on sale for $1 each and I couldn’t pass up that deal. We got 4 pullets—Barred Plymouth Rock, Ameracauna, Buff Orpington, and Golden Sex Link and 10 Red Ranger meat chicks. I was informed by the hatchery that Red Rangers are supposed to be really tasty. Plus, they don’t grow as fast as the Cornish Crosses.

Note: This post was written June 5, 2016. We have since lost one of the pullets. We aren’t sure if it was the Buff Orpington or the Golden Sex Link since they looked so similar when they are small.

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